11 years of experience
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville), NC

My first trade is AUTO technology. I have been working on cars since I was 13. The smell of engine oil and gasoline brings back childhood memories. As I got older I went into other mechanical trades such as hvac, electrical installation / repair / and troubleshooting. With my history in automotive repair, the other trades came easy to me. I have continued working on cars and kept my knowledge of new systems / technologies up to date, including how to properly diagnose a problem. It's fun to diagnose a problem and repair it. Hopefully robots won't take over my job...I will just learn to fix the robots that fix the robots.

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  • 60,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Acura TL

on March 31

Denny was nice, thorough & explained things well.



Toyota RAV4

on April 04

Denny is very thorough and went through all the steps to diagnose my car and than some. Someone told me my car needed an alternator. Denny did all the steps to make sure that was the issue. Come to find out it was a bad cell in my battery. He takes his time which i love because you don't have to worry about him getting over on you! I highly recommend him! I most definitely will be using him again!



Acura RL

on April 14

Very knowledgeable and straightforward about what needs to done along with what’s urgent & what can wait

on April 16

Friendly, informative and got the job done quick.

on April 29

Denny came early, immediately go to work and made suggestions as to what was wrong. Five hours later and endlesstruing to fix the problem, he came to the conclusion this isn't mechanical its electrical. Denny is easily frustrated but does continue to try to figure problem out.

on April 15

He was on time and he was very knowledgable

on April 19

Denny was very professional and arrived early. I would highly recommend him!


  • 50 Point Inspection


Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

on April 21

Denny was awesome and he fix the problem with my vehicle very fast...

on April 27

Denny showed up exactly on time and did a thoroughly professional job. Replacing shock absorbers is a pretty simple exercise, but on a 22-year-old vehicle the bolts can become frozen, and they break off if you twist them too hard. Then you have a serious problem, because the bolts are very difficult to replace. Denny knew exactly what to do, patiently coaxing the bolts off with penetrating oil, heat, and a steady, sensitive hand on the breaker bar. He did a great job, and I hope to use Denny again in the future.



Ford Escape

on May 05

Denny was very knowledgeable and completed the repair in a timely manner. I would use him again and recommend him to my family and friends.


  • 50 Point Inspection


Nissan Murano

on May 13

Great job, very pleased



Toyota Sienna

on March 23

Arrived on time. Excellent workmanship.

on March 30

Denny was prompt and professional and also friendly fix my equinox with no problem.. He did an excellent job


  • 50 Point Inspection


Ford Mustang

on April 01

Very knowledgeable very professional I would highly recommend Denny.

on April 05

First off my car was done by Jason and he couldn't get the job done the right way. Denny came to look over his work and found problems he left. Denny is a great mechanic!!! He is thorough with his work and will make sure it's done right.

on March 31

Very knowledge and experience

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