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Louisville, KY
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I worked on bikes as a teen, moved into cars in high school. Building my own car from the ground up was the best learning experience of my life.

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on May 05

he was on time , professional & proficient , he is welcome to work on my vehicle anytime it needs help . I do believe you have come with a great idea here , a great amount of people are abused by the system & the older people get the easier "prey" they become ! keep up doing good for the average person , I believe you could go a long way ! just leave out the number one now day ingredient "greed" . thank you for your help .

on May 22

Brandon was awesome! He saved me money and was very informative and honest. He was reliable and was very professional. I'm very happy!

on May 31

Brandon did a great job and I have told about 20 people already about his excellent customer service! It was so convenient and he really showed me he cared about me as a customer.

on June 04

Brandon was fast and professional explained my problem and fixed it so fast he is great I will definitely refer him to all my friends and family my experience was great never had to leave my home the service is absolutely wonderful im very happy

on June 02

Brandon arrived in a car. (Not what I expected from a professional company such as this but ok let's see what he knows. He didn't waste any time at all and got the bad sensor replaced and changed the oil. I was impressed by his speed of service. Although I felt he could have been a little more professional in his appearance and initial impression, he did a great job. I am OVERLY picky and work In a professional service industry myself, so my standards may be a little high.

on July 29

Didn't bring enough ok.



Honda Odyssey

on July 11

I had an alternator replaced by Brandon. He did a great job and even pointed a couple things out on my vehicle that the dealership missed during their servicing of my vehicle. I would recommend Brandon and to anyone that has car problems. I will definitely use Brandon for any future car services.

on July 23

Overall I had a good experience with Brandon as My Mechanic. I used this service to diagnose a problem with my 2000 GMC Jimmy in which Brandon ended up diagnosing the problem as a bad fuel pump. Unfortunately, replacing a fuel pump isn't a repair he offered on site which was one major downside and flaw with this service. I think Your Mechanic has a great idea to have the mechanic come to you and is why I went this route to begin with, but when your repair isn't offered on site it really defeats the whole purpose because if your car isn't running you can't drive it to where they need it and i was using this service to avoid tow fees to begin with, and on top of that when you can't have the repair done you lose the perk of using your diagnosis fee towards the repair, so I was really disappointed in that aspect. Brandon was an affable, punctual, and most of all knowledgeable mechanic whom I would recommend to others if what is wrong with your vehicle is an on site fix. He even gave me a way to contact him personally in case his diagnosis was wrong. I have yet to have the repair done, but I am confident that the fuel pump is and was the problem with my truck. Another plus was that he explained to me how he came to that conclusion by telling me his thought process along with showing me the supporting evidence of each step. He also looked over my engine to inform me of some other minor problems with my truck.

on August 13

AWESOME, on time (actually earlier) was able to diagnose the issue and showed me the issues step by step. Very thorough and knowledgeable about my car. Would highly recommend Brandon.

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