12 years of experience
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA

I've been an automotive technician for over 15 years and am ASE certified. I've worked in the oil industry, where I focused on diesel and machinery, and owned my own business. My specialty is diagnostics - I troubleshoot any problems your vehicle may be having like it's my own. Paying attention to the details is key to getting your vehicle back up and running in great condition and I strive to be as thorough as possible.





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on July 20

David was very pleasant and professional

on July 21

David is great. He was on time and explained everything to me in a way that I would understand. He even showed me the old alternator after he replaced it.

on July 20

Good experience



Buick Century
on July 08

David is an excellent. He showed up on time and got right to work and he explained to me what he did and what he found that also needed to be done and asked if I would like to book another appointment, which I did because of the excellent service.

on July 10

David is an awesome mechanic! He arrived for the pre-purchase inspection on time and was very determined to do his job without being distracted by the sellers that were present or by the 100 degree plus weather that afternoon. He also took the car for a road drive in traffic not only in the parking lot where we were having the inspection. He gave me all the information I needed to buy that car with confidence. I'm very grateful to David and I plan to use this service again when my daughter buys her car. Patricia Boyd.

on July 01

This is the second time I've booked David. He's extremely helpful, answered all of my questions and was thorough when inspecting my car. I would definitely book him again.

on June 29

I'm very happy that David was able to replace the alternator in my Volvo XC90. He ordered 2 different alternators to make sure he was replacing the correct one. It was convenient for him to come to me instead of towing my car to the shop.

on June 23

David did a good job replacing my power steering pump. 5 ***** friendly and knowledge to do a good job. Thank you David see you again for my next service.


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Scion xA
on June 21

David is the man! Showed up on time (he was a few minutes early) and verified the services to be performed. Services were conducted in a timely manner and he was very friendly, knowledable, and made sure I knew of any issues along the way. At the end of service, he reviewed, line by line, each service performed and explained future repairs and their estimated timelines for remedy. David is a guy you'd want to go get a beer with, has a ton of experience (he used to work on oil rigs!), and is extremely personable. Fantastic experience!

on July 14

David was thorough, helpful, and arrived on time. Unfortunately, it sounds like he is in high demand because we could not book a follow up appointment with him as quickly as we had hoped.

on June 16

I was in the process of purchasing a used car and needed a pre-inspection. David was prompt arriving to the dealership and thoroughly checked the car. He did a complete work up on the car. After the inspection. There were a couple of issues that I couldn't see. I was able to get the repairs done by the dealer and negotiate an even better deal. David arrived prompt and ready to work. He knows his "stuff" when it comes to cars. He explained and answered any questions I or the dealer had. The summary of the car that was prepared by David. I was able to show the dealer "My Mechanics" findings and renegotiate a better deal. The dealer was even impressed with the report. I intend to use/refer David in the future for any car issue's or repairs. Thank You

on June 13

David was honest, knowledgeable, and friendly. I am very happy with the services and advice he gave me. I will definitely continue to use him as my mechanic and refer him.

on June 11

This is the second time I've booked David and, in my opinion, he's great. He's extremely helpful, answered all of my questions and was thorough when inspecting my car. I would definitely book him again.

on July 12

Very efficient, very personable, a joy to meet. Knew exactly what he needed to do. Very caring and double checked his work.

on May 31

Fixed the issue quick! After ruling out various other possibilities related to the fuel and ignition system for my no-start problem related to my crank position sensor, discovered it was actually my fault for not installing the sensor correctly (partially sticking out but it felt like I had pushed it all the way in). Definitely would recommend David, takes his time and is pretty thorough.

on July 15

Quick repair..good thing David was able to replace the part so my car stopped stalling at random times..will book again

on May 13

I have never used Your Mechanics, but after having David work on my prized cutlass, who else would work on my car? David;s attention to detail is what sold me! he explained every step of the way what he was doing...I will use David again to install my fuel pump, thanks with his great knowledge of my old school GM car!

on May 07

David is very thorough and professional. He changed my spark plugs and valve cover gasket. Didn't mind answering questions. His customer service is off the charts. A great mechanic is hard to find. Awesome job.

on May 04

Showed up on time and worked fast but thoroughly. When finished he showed me the old part and explained his process and did a 50 point inspection. Would definitely use this service again.

on May 02

David arrived with a big smile, professional and business like. He arrived timely and replaced my spark plugs and did not seem to mind me observing him executing with care and skill. The plugs were indeed in need of replacement. He made a number of recommendations of needed repairs both orally and electronically. David further suggests having a diagnostic done to uncover things that aren't always visible to the naked eye. other possible concerns. Pat L.

on June 30

Excellent!!! Communicated the problem very professionally, and executed the reapair exactly as described.

on September 21

He was very prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to identify my issue right away (Check Engine Light Service) and give details on how it will be fixed. Great service!

on January 03

David is a professional. His greeting was heart warming. His work ethic was superb. I really like it, when you are not just an appointment or reference number. David inspected every inch of my car. His diagnosis was spot on. Sincerely, Dwight M

on December 31

David was very professional and personable. He was.thorough and explained what he did and what was needed, in terns that were easily understood, by a non-mechanic (me ).

on January 05

David was early to our appointment (so refreshing!). He really listened to my thoughts about what was wrong with the car and then did his diagnostic in exactly 30 minutes. He showed me what the likely problem was, what exact part I needed, and precisely how to fix it myself. Fantastic!

on February 03

David was prompt and thorough. He quickly diagnosed the problem with my 2000 BMW 323i. I thought for sure I was going to have to replace my radiator and water pump but it ends up I had a cracked coolant reservoir. He made notes of things I will need to have serviced in the future as well. He did all this after dark which is impressive. I would definitely recommend David to others as he seems to know a lot.



Toyota RAV4
on June 13

David was caught in traffic and called to let me know he would be a little late. He showed up and went right to work. He was professional, friendly and got the job done. I would hire him again in a minute!

on June 23

David thank you!! My experience was amazing. He took his time and checked little by little why it wouldn't start. Not everyone does that. And he did. Amazing mechanic! Thank you David once again!



Dodge Dart
on June 24

David did a great job and helped me out when the dealership where i bought my new car left me out in the cold. The car was under warranty but the dealer misdiagnosed it twice, David found the problem right away.



Infiniti G35
on January 08

Book David by all means. The starter on my vehicle is very hard to get to and not only did he do it in a timely manner but he did it in the cold while it was wet out. He is a very nice man and explains any concerns very well and thorough.

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