36 years of experience
San Diego, CA

I have over 35 years of experience and am an ASE Level 1 master mechanic. I have extensive experience with Asian, European, and domestic cars and have Ford factory training. I'm an expert ain electrical and engine diagnostics and am skilled in finding performance faults and failures. I love figuring out why your car doesn't run like it should and making the necessary repairs to get it back in great condition!





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Toyota Sienna
on November 11

Outstanding mechanic,knowledgeable,and hardwork,one of the best.I was notified with appointment dates and times and all were kept,professional and friendly.


  • Ignition Coil Connector


Volkswagen Jetta
on November 10

Chet was amazing! He was here to fix something that was broken during the last service through some other mechanic from your service. the last mechanic(not Chet) broke the ignition coil connectors while replacing the spark plugs as he could not figure out how to open them. Chet noticed that the parts sent did not exactly match the existing pins in cars so he went above and beyond to make it work.

on October 09

This was the second time that Chet has worked on my car. He does a really good job. Always let me know if there are any concerns or Items that I may want to keep an eye on. I appreciate his thoroughness.

on October 11

Chet went above and beyond with what was expected. He is a true expert in this field and delivered advice on used car purchase not only on the car he was inspecting but provided me with other useful advice for my hunt for used car. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.



Infiniti G35
on October 02

My engine on a 2003 Infiniti G35 started overheating. Chet came out and diagnosed that the water pump and/or thermostat most likely were the culprits. For the inspection appointment as well as for the repair appointment Chet was on time (even early). He went more than beyond his usual duties to get the car running again. I had a hick-up right after the repair and overheating happened again. Called the warranty team and they first dispatched another mechanic (as Chet was supposed to be off this day) but I already had him texted pictures of the overheating. So he called his office and came in to check on the still overheating engine on his day off. He took care of the final piece. THANK YOU CHET!



Acura TL
on November 15

Professional process, works until dark and very patient, fix another minor problem for free. Great experience overall.


  • inspect or repair carbure...


Volkswagen Beetle
on September 07

Chet is very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. He cleaned out my carburetor and is going to repair today the fuel accelerator diaphragm that was leaking.

on October 30

Chet was very helpful in explaining what I needed to know about the car I was inspecting before buying. He told me all the things that would require fixing and the things the seller wasn't telling me before buying the car. He helped me see that I could lower the price because of the a few small things than needed fixing. I would definitely recommend him!!

on May 04

Chet was great! Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Did a thorough check and let us know exactly what was needed. Will definitely use this service again.

on November 06

Excellant service arrived early, finished in a quick time frame and just very nice and helpful on explaning my truck of anything that in future to get fixed without asking.



Ford Mustang
on June 15

Great honest mechanic very knowledgeable quick and thorough thought I needed a fuel pump turns out it was a distributor glad he was here and honest would of probably got a run for my money if I had taken it to a shop will gladly do business again

on March 16

Chet is awesome! He was professional, accommodating, and best of all, knowledgeable in his trade. He was very easy to work with, and easy to talk with—even taking the time to explain what he thought may be the cause to my car stalling. Having met me to work on the car at the parking lot of my office (there's no room to work on it where I live), I was even able to go grab dinner, feeling rest assured that Chet could handle the job. I made the right choice... Chet got my car running and informed me of what future work may need to be done to keep my car up to par. There's no doubt in my mind who I'll be calling to ask for the service when that time comes! THANK-YOU CHET!

on October 15

Excellent service! Reliable, thorough, extremely convenient and saved me a ton of money! I feel confident that I will be able to continue running my old cor for much longer now. Thanks, Chet!

on October 18

Chet was very helpful in explaining what was going on with my car. I had lots of questions and he answered and explained them all so that I could understand. Told me things that I could do to help maintain my car and was very informative on anything I was concerned about. I would highly recommend him!!

on May 10

Fast, clean, knowledgeable. I had a problem with my Surge tank, and in 5 min he figured it out what's wrong and booked my fixing. The fixing was even faster. I will always book with Chet for problems with my car.

on October 22

I have dealt with Chet twice now and I have been very satisfied with the service. He is very honest and has always completed an excellent job. I would highly recommend Chet to anyone that needs work done.



Dodge Ram 1500
on May 13

Awesome experience all around. Chet was professional, courteous and friendly. Very knowledgable and I will definitely recommend him to others. Thanks Chet!

on February 16

Very knowledgeable, and professional. Came by earlier then the appointment. Help locate the discrepancy on the car before purchase. Definitely recommend to other people if in need of a mechanic to inspect before purchase. Thank you Chet!



Audi S4
on April 07

Chet couldn't have been better... arrived on the dot... thorough but honest and fair. Warned of possible issues, but wasn't trying to do unnecessary repairs.

on February 17

I had to have the valve cover gaskets replaced on my Nissan Xterra. This is a big job and an expensive one. Chet was professional, friendly and completed a big job in much less time than what was anticipated. He also provided some tips and helped jump start my friend's car when he arrived. Being able to have a mechanic like Chet come to fix my car brought great piece of mind, was convenient and saved me about $200.

on April 07

Chet was very efficient. Went straight to work almost immediately. Every issue was explained in great detail. I could tell he was very knowledgeable with vehicles. Extremely pleased with my experience!

on February 21

Chet is knowledgeable, courteous and motivated, i enjoyed his services and would recommend him at anytime, if i can base your company on one of its emnployes then i would say you have an excellent company

on June 29

Chet completed the work on my car quickly and easily. He informed me that I will need new rear brakes soon and sent me a quote right then and there. I asked him about the front brakes and told me I still had some time left with them - to me, this shows his honesty in not suggesting unnecessary work which I appreciate as a young woman asking about car information. He was a little later than my appointment time but the quote said to give him an hour window and he showed up within that time period - he even apologized for being a little late which was unnecessary - I was at work so it didn't really matter. I would definitely recommend Chet and this service to anyone. This service was fast and convenient which is just what I wanted.

on February 24

Chet arrived on time and he was friendly and did a super job of diagnosing what the problems were in my brake light system. He then went right to work and fixed the problems in a timely manner. It is comforting to know that you have a mechanic who knows his business and you can have confidence in his work.

on February 27

Understood the vehicle and was professional the entire time he worked on it. He diagnosed the problem and helped identify other problem areas that were hurting the cars performance. My car runs exceptionally well now. Next time I'm stuck with a problem and need a mechanic who understands German cars I will call Chet. My car: 1998 BMW 740i 120,000 miles on it. The work done by Chet: chased and diagnosed an electrical problem that was messing up the air fuel ratio causing the car to not operate.

on February 29

Chet really goes above and beyond to help you. He has a HUGE knowledge and is a very sincere professional, these are 2 values that are not very frequent when I had to deal with other so called professionals in the past. Chet is the only mechanic I plan on calling for any future issue. Thank you!



Acura TL
on April 01

Great experience, on time, good efficiency, spectacular proficiency, thorough inspection just take half an hour, and reasonable suggestions are provided from the professional angle, thank you for the great job.



Scion tC
on March 03

I had taken my car to firestone who over charges drastically. They also lost my tire lock. Lucky enough, Chet had the tool with him to take the keys off! So I got new sets for my tires for free because firestone lost mine and I got to have my brakes done! Thank you for your smart thinking! My brakes are working great!

on March 03

Chet showed up and did exactly the check that I expected to test for fuel pump failure...I didn't know how or where and would have done it had I known. Regardless, we came up with the same result--pump failed. He was ready to do the job, but made clear what the hardest part would be. Being the car is a Jag, it was clear that the design engineers had never had to do maintenance on one...he set aside the time and checked to see of a cheaper pump might be available. Point made. He was working to make his customer happy while still doing the work needed. Told me about a few things besides on work I could do myself vs. have done. My kind of mechanic. Let the pros do what the pros do, let us knuckle busters do what we can to feel proud of ourselves. Great guy.

on March 31

Whole process was a piece of cake, super easy, Chet got things done and I was able to still work rather than sit at an oil change place. Super great service!

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