36 years of experience
San Diego, CA

I have over 35 years of experience and am an ASE Level 1 master mechanic. I have extensive experience with Asian, European, and domestic cars and have Ford factory training. I'm an expert ain electrical and engine diagnostics and am skilled in finding performance faults and failures. I love figuring out why your car doesn't run like it should and making the necessary repairs to get it back in great condition!





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on October 09

This was the second time that Chet has worked on my car. He does a really good job. Always let me know if there are any concerns or Items that I may want to keep an eye on. I appreciate his thoroughness.

on October 11

Chet went above and beyond with what was expected. He is a true expert in this field and delivered advice on used car purchase not only on the car he was inspecting but provided me with other useful advice for my hunt for used car. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.



Infiniti G35
on October 02

My engine on a 2003 Infiniti G35 started overheating. Chet came out and diagnosed that the water pump and/or thermostat most likely were the culprits. For the inspection appointment as well as for the repair appointment Chet was on time (even early). He went more than beyond his usual duties to get the car running again. I had a hick-up right after the repair and overheating happened again. Called the warranty team and they first dispatched another mechanic (as Chet was supposed to be off this day) but I already had him texted pictures of the overheating. So he called his office and came in to check on the still overheating engine on his day off. He took care of the final piece. THANK YOU CHET!


  • inspect or repair carbure...


Volkswagen Beetle
on September 07

Chet is very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. He cleaned out my carburetor and is going to repair today the fuel accelerator diaphragm that was leaking.

on September 02

Chet was great! He showed up on time and did the work perfectly. He was very knowledgeable and even noticed a couple things about my car that I didn't notice.



Saturn L300
on August 24

He's a TOTAL PRO. First time working with him and this company, and he's the reason I'll come back for more. Straight-up, straight-forward, easy, flexible, and thorough. Fixed the problem right up, and even though we had to leave, he locked it all up, set everything right. Will recommend him to anyone. First-Rate and Five + Stars.

on August 23

Chet goes out of his way to provide the best service. If something unexpectedly goes wrong he is willing to come back on his own time to help with the situation.


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Honda Civic
on August 16

Chet showed up on time and navigated the hard parking situation near my office without complaining. He inspected the car and explained to me, a complete car neophyte, what needs to be fixed and how things work. Definitely a 10 out of 5.



Volkswagen Beetle
on August 09

He got my car running after not running for several years. He replaced the gas pump which failed and he adjusted the carburetor so that the engine would run smoothly. He also hooked up a loose wire that made my tachometer function.

on August 09

He is very knowledgeable and careful with his work. Tried to repair a stuck fuelpump but is was too far gone so he is going get a new one and install it tomorrow.

on August 04

Chet arrived on time and had my vehicle fixed extremely fast. Very personable and professional, I'll definitely be calling him anytime I need car issues gone.



BMW 325xi
on August 04

Chet is cool. Doesn't say much, handles his business and rolls out. He is not the type of guy to bullshit scam you into unnecessary repairs. He recharged my A/C in no time. I'd have no problem using him again or recommending him to a friend. Thanks Chet!

on August 02

I have an inspection done a couple days before Chet came and the mechanic told me I needed struts. So I had Chet come to install struts long and behold the struts wasn't my problem it was the driver side control arm Chet detected but cool guy will book again.....

on August 02

VERY knowledgeable, VERY friendly and VERY competent! My car had a CHECK ENGINE light and Chet diagnosed it correctly, ordered the correct part and replaced it promptly and then tested the vehicle and everything worked! A perfect service call!

on June 29

Chet completed the work on my car quickly and easily. He informed me that I will need new rear brakes soon and sent me a quote right then and there. I asked him about the front brakes and told me I still had some time left with them - to me, this shows his honesty in not suggesting unnecessary work which I appreciate as a young woman asking about car information. He was a little later than my appointment time but the quote said to give him an hour window and he showed up within that time period - he even apologized for being a little late which was unnecessary - I was at work so it didn't really matter. I would definitely recommend Chet and this service to anyone. This service was fast and convenient which is just what I wanted.



Lincoln LS
on September 20

I am sorry I ever wasted time calling a tow truck. The service was very timely. The mechanic was professional and did not make excuses. My car could not be fixed on the first visit and Chet handled the situation. My car is up and running, I am happy.

on September 19

Took my outback to a subaru dealership and was told my CJ boots were leaking and needed replaced. Chet inspected the CV boots and reported that it was the rack and pinion assy that was leaking and not the CV boot assy. He saved me $$$ and repaired what was needed. I just found my mechanic!


  • 15,000 Miles Maintenance ...


Subaru Baja
on May 20

Chet was very professional, knowledgeable and nice. He completed the work as requested and let us know about a couple of things that needed work. He also suggested new tires, even though he and the company don't sell tires. I feel very comfortable driving my Baja again.

on November 18

I was extremely pleased with Chet's performance. He listened to me and fixed my car. A great bonus is that he came to me while I was a work. He is very professional. Answered all my questions. He even had a recommendation for how to keep my car running smoothly. I highly recommend him. Thanks. I will be calling back in the future.

on November 19

Chet's a lifesaver. Every time my car has left me stranded, Chet has been able to get it back up and running in a very timely manner. Getting me back on the road much, much faster than having to tow it to a shop to be serviced. And a helluva' lot cheaper! Highly recommend. Thanks Chet.

on September 18

My car's problem is catastrophic at the A/C compressor, we originally hoped for less of a problem. There is no way around what is the needed repair. Chet worked with me and the parts provider and set up a new appointment to do the needed repair quickly. I am very happy with the way he treated me and handled the situation

on May 25

Showed up early. My problem was simple enough, but I have no doubt in if I need something more extensive. Chethe can handle it professionally and in a timely fashion. Coming from a family of mechanics, I can appreciate the value of years of expertise.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Acura TL
on September 04

Check is awesome. He has serviced all of my family vehicles. He is honest, dependable, and thoughtful in his diagnostics and handles repairs quickly and efficiently.



Ford Ranger
on December 09

What a great experience ... took a shot on an at-home repair job(s), and I will absolutely do this for all my future diagnostic/repair needs (assuming I don't need anything big like a tranny/engine replacement). Chet was a great guy, knew his stuff, solved problems that popped up, and had all the necessary tools to get the jobs done. Most importantly, he didn't mind me watching/helping which was important for me as I like to learn stuff and get my hands dirty. I'm pretty confident that I would have paid a lot more for a fuel pump replacement and all-around brake job at a shop, plus not having to screw around with tow trucks and travel too/from shop (vehicle was dead). Also, you can save a lot of money if you shop around for your own parts but they just won't warrant them (understandably, but I felt like that was a low-risk chance to take). Funny thing, I hope I won't need Chet's services again, but you can be assured I would call on him when I do!

on December 10

as usual Chet is an experienced personable person who tells you what is wrong with vehicle and fixes it right the first time. always nice to talk with.



BMW 325xi
on December 11

Chet was great... like a trooper, he worked in the dark with a head-light and a smile! He took the time to show me what the problems were and possible problems down the road to look out for. I appreciate that he was professional and knowledgeable while working without wasting time. My cars runs great now and I am so happy to not be nervous jumping into with a 91 year old mother in the seat next to me. Thank you! Linda G.

on December 13

Chet was very knowledgeable in the problem with my car, unfortunately he didn't fix my car because the initial problem I thought it was, was actually different from the work needed, but Chet told me everything that needed to be done so I could reschedule my appointment

on August 08

Chet went above and beyond to repair my vehicle. I greatly appreciated his superior flexibility and patience while servicing my car and would highly recommend him to anyone.

on December 18

Chet has been servicing my car for a couple of times now. I have a problem with my "service engine soon" that keeps coming on. Chet has my car working much better now and he has come back to "fix the problem with the engine light on again and see what else it may require." He fixed some other things I needed, but the light remains on still. He said and assured me that if anything goes bad I can phone him. My runs a lot better, but these darn cars! Who knows! I know my car will require more things down the line after the holidays, so I am paying attention to the signs... Thank you!



Acura TL
on April 01

Great experience, on time, good efficiency, spectacular proficiency, thorough inspection just take half an hour, and reasonable suggestions are provided from the professional angle, thank you for the great job.

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