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Richmond-Petersburg, VA

I have been an automotive technician since 2003. I am a United States Army Veteran who served 14 years, four tours in combat and spent a year in Korea. I joined the Army as a mechanic, and six years ago I started doing mobile maintenance. My pride and joy is the relationship I have with my customers and seeing them happy after their car is fixed. Let me take the opportunity to service your vehicle and I promise you will be happy when I'm done.





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Nissan Juke
on October 21

Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend him!

on August 29

Larry is knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond for his customers. He is professional and efficient. We will definitely use Larry to service our vehicles in the future.

on September 10

Even though he could not do the repairs that I asked for he helped me learn what other problems that I had and it would take to correct them.

on July 30

Larry is a very nice person and a professional mechanic. We had problems during the process but he did a very good job fixing it. I will book for Larry again.

on August 20

Larry came to the appointment on time and provided detailed information during our pre purchase inspection. We would use Larry again.

on August 02

Larry performed a pre-purchase inspection for us on a car we wanted to purchase. He provided a thorough explanation of the car's minor issues so that we could account for these in making the purchase. He was thorough and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.

on June 16

Larry is very knowledge on his job.. I had ordered oil change, coolant flush, and brake flush.. And upon the inspection, he said it is not necessary to do brake flush as it is excellent condition - saving me unnecessary expenses. I told him about noise while braking, he checked and discover front rotor is the cause and recommend replacing. I would use him again to service my car in future services.



Infiniti EX35
on June 29

Larry did a fantastic job addressing the problem completely and to my satisfaction. He was prompt (arrived early in fact!), did a very thorough job, made sure the mirror was working properly, did a nice finish and completed the job quickly. I am very pleased with Larry's work and would rate it as 5-star experience. He clearly knows his stuff, is very sincere and professional.



Toyota Pickup
on May 17

As CWO5 USMC might indicate, I know what good service means This guy took extra time extra effort and The facts he dropped he dropped in cold, not knowing exactly what the situation was, and, he had to adapt on the fly and resolve it makes it even more impressive that I drove away with good brakes after he worked on my truck I would recommend Larry to anybody who needs vehicle service in a blink, like I did



Ford Explorer
on October 10

Knowledgeable, friendly, honest, hard-working and on-time. Excellent service. Thank you

on September 27

Larry did a great job. I will use him again the next time I need work done.

on July 31

Outstanding service! And so convenient. Larry was perfect and knowledgeable. I'll definitely call him again!



Kia Optima
on June 19

Larry was very prompt and curteous, completed the brake pad/rotor replacement without a hitch. Thx....

on August 23

Larry arrived on time, was very courteous, and pleasant. We will request Larry again!

on August 18

I had 3 appointments with Larry in total when I first booked my appointment for a left lower control arm replacement. The first time Larry shows up and said there's nothing we could do because they don't have the part ready. I got one afternoon of my time wasted. Second time he shows up and looked into my car said that they got the wrong part, because Larry said what needs to be replaced is a different part which is also called a lower control arm. I looked at the part and said that's an upper control arm, 2 totally different things. But Larry insisted and booked me a 3rd appointment. The part arrived TWO weeks later and this time Larry said it is actually called an upper control arm. So Larry doesn't know what he's doing. As an "experienced" mechanic, he doesn't even know the difference between a lower control arm and an upper control arm. So I got an upper control arm replaced in the end and now the problem of my car still exist because I ASKED FOR LOWER CONTROL ARM REPLACEMENT. I HAVEN'T GOT WHAT I PAID FOR AND LARRY DID NOTHING TO TRY FIX IT. The price increased by $70 as well compare to the quote I got btw.

on May 19

Larry was great to work with. Very prompt and thorough.

on May 17

He did a good job to get my car back on the road


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Nissan Armada
on July 26

Punctual, honest and resolved my issue.



Lexus RX330
on June 29

He did a good job

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