10 years of experience

I have been an automotive technician since 2008 and am Ford and EPA certified. I can work on many Domestic and European makes and models, and specialize in Asian vehicles. I have the proper tools, knowledge, and ability to diagnose problems and fix them correctly the first time around. From routine battery replacements to figuring out strange noises, I'm your mechanic!

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on January 12

on January 09

Blake did a great job!!!!



Chevrolet Impala

on February 21

Blake arrived at my home and professionally installed spark plugs on my Chevy Impala 3.4L V6. He even came back the following day to install the correct type of spark plug wires (I had given him to wrong ones to install, sorry!), which I really appreciated. He gave my car a once over, diagnosed other items needing maintenance, and provided me with very reasonable quotes for their repair, all without being pushy. Overall, fantastic mechanic, hope to have him work on my other cars!



Saab 9-3

on March 12

on March 22

Blake did a great job and explained many things to me since I at one time intended to do the work myself. He had unique solutions to certain problems such as an over tight axle bolt and was even willing to try minor suggestions when things didn't go a certain way. I was impressed by his enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and focus from start to successful test drive. Overall, because of Blake I found the experience very positive and will recommend the service to my friends. It saved me significant money from dealer and independent bids and it was quality work.

on March 22

on March 23

on March 28

on July 19

Blake was very nice, efficient and professional! Will definitely use this service in the future. Thanks Blake!

on December 15

This was my second service appointment with Blake. He was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. He completed the repairs without incident and showed me a few issues he discovered during his cursory inspection. Good communication, very personable, would recommend and use again!

on September 02

Blake was over 20 minutes late to my 7:00pm appointment. He did not call and let me know he was running late, I simply got an email at 6:50pm stating he was on his way. He was very friendly when he arrived; he shook my hand, introduced himself, and engaged me in some small talk about my vehicle and where I am from. After, I told him I would be going inside, should he need anything to let me know. It took Blake almost a complete hour to change my oil and that is without rotating my tires because he did not have a jack capable of lifting the Jeep; he did not have to lift it to change the oil. I walked outside to check on him as he was finishing up and he told me about a leak with my oil pan and valves; he promptly sent a quote. He told me he would also send me a quote to change my breaks, but I never received one. Then, the real trouble began. I woke up the next morning and could not find my car keys anywhere; I tore the entire house up. I called YourMechanic at noon and spoke to a very nice young lady who stated she would call Blake and get back to me; she did. She told me that he was out in the field and would not be able to look for my keys for a couple of hours, but that she would be calling me back. FIVE HOURS LATER, I called YourMechanic back; while speaking to another receptionist, the young lady from earlier beeped in. She informed me that Blake had looked and DID NOT have my keys. So, naturally I tore my house up AGAIN as this key ring has not only my Jeep key, buy my car and house keys. 15 minutes later I call back again, directly to the young woman who I had been working with; she says, "Oh, he hasn't called you?" Nope! He sure hasn't called me to tell me HE FOUND MY KEYS! She assures me that after his appointment (it is 6:15 at this point) he would be dropping them off at my house. I asked that he dropped them in my mailbox as I had to leave. I went to bed at 10:30pm and there were STILL NOT IN MY BOX. So Blake, basically a stranger, had my keys for over 24 hours and not once did he call me to apologize or even send a text to let me know he had them or would be dropping them off...nothing. They were in my mailbox at 8 this morning, thank God. After calling YourMechanic back to inform them of concerns I have about this man having my keys, not communicating with me, not bringing them when he stated he would, showing up late in the first place, they offered me $20 credit for my next service. That's it. $20. They also reassured me that background checks are done on all Mechanics so I should not have to worry if Blake made copies of any of my keys or anything. That's nice. Other than the friendly representatives over the phone, and the fact that after 24 hours I got my keys back, this experience sucked.

on September 04

Excellent and knowledgable mechanic. Friendly and professional. Sets the standard for company morals.

on September 25

Blake did an outstanding job with my car. He was so friendly too. I really appreciated his patience with my questions. Great mechanic!



Lexus RX300

on October 01

Problem was not fixed . O2 sensor misfiring. He was running late but did call. I have to take my car to Firestone to get the issues fixed that I thought Blake fixed.I like the fact that I could be home and get my car fixed, but that was not the case here. I did call Blake about the check engine light was still on, he never returned my call. Not a happy customer. I think he was more worried that he cracked his cell phone than fixing the O2 sensors.

on October 20

This was so convenient and Blake was great! He was very polite and helpful. I will definitely use this service again!

on November 04

Polite, on time and a detailed worker. Blake called early and reminded me of our appointment, he was fast and knew what he was doing. I'll be referring "YourMechanic" to others!

on November 12

Blake did an excellent job with handling my car the experience was wonderful!

on November 18

He was great.. Went above & me advice I needed about my car & even though it was dark he finished the job without complaint

on November 18

Blake arrived on time. He was courteous and professional. It was 7pm and pretty chilly but no complaints from him. He was pleasant and did the job in about 45 minutes. He also informed me of other issues with my car and sent me a quote. He provided exceptional customer service and that's why I don't hesitate in using yourmechanic for my car maintenance needs. All the mechanics I've worked with have been knowledgeable, professional and personable. Thanks!!

on November 24

Arrived right on time and was courteous and very helpful. Finished the job and I will definitely booking with Blake next service!

on December 09

Blake is the man. I almost missed my appointment- he hung around for 30 min until I finally called him back. Changed my oil and did the diagnostic in less than 30 min, all while smiling and enjoying the day. Not only does he know his craft, he enjoys his work and is quick to offer whatever insights he has. I was very pleased and would absolutely recommend him to anyone I know. Thank you for a job well done, Blake!!!

on December 01

I would definitely recommend Blake! He was on time, personable, and went above and beyond in servicing my car. Blake was quick and professional with my oil change, and he also helped me with some other problems with my car. He was very professional and knowledgeable.

on December 06

Blake was very professional and helpful. Good communication. Would definitely use this mechanic again!

on December 02

he is a great mechanic, he gave me a really good service and a quote for parts that i will replace in the future

on December 08

Blake was great! Highly recommended.

on December 22

Blake was on time, very professional and was so nice to let me peek and hang around watching. He cleaned up after he was done, and made sure that I was completely satisfied with the service. I have since recommended Your Mechanic to several of my friends!

on December 27


on December 22

Great on time. He ws very nice & professional.

on January 07

Blake try his up most best to resolved the situation my car, unfortunately the equipment he need was not available for him to run more more test.

on January 08

I was not present as could not attend the inspection but he called before and after, arrived when expected and provided a thorough report and high lighted his areas of concern. Thanks!

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