Power Steering Pump Replacement Estimate for Nissan NV2500

Nissan NV2500 Power Steering Pump Replacement costs $668 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$631 to $723
Labor: $133 -$152
Parts: $498 -$571
Average Dealer price
$1172 to 1320
Average Shop price
$780 to 873
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
2012 Nissan NV2500V8-5.6LService typePower Steering Pump ReplacementYourMechanic Price$670.99Shop/Dealer Price$833.08 - $1257.26
2013 Nissan NV2500V8-5.6LService typePower Steering Pump ReplacementYourMechanic Price$661.04Shop/Dealer Price$820.77 - $1237.58
2012 Nissan NV2500V6-4.0LService typePower Steering Pump ReplacementYourMechanic Price$739.17Shop/Dealer Price$918.35 - $1393.70
2013 Nissan NV2500V6-4.0LService typePower Steering Pump ReplacementYourMechanic Price$739.17Shop/Dealer Price$918.39 - $1393.77
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Parts required for a Nissan NV2500 Power Steering Pump Replacement

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Peter was very kind and knowledgeable.
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David arrived early and was ready to go!! I was skeptical about this service, but figured I'd give it a shot. Historically, mechanics have a bad rep of "ripping off" women customers.I have quite a few mechanics in my family, so I know a bit more about cars than your average woman. I was fairly certain I had an issue with my fuel system, maybe a fuel pump or fuel filter. David told me he would check it out and let me know what he found. About 20 minutes after he arrived, I brought him a bottle of water (1:00 PM and HOOOOT!! Poor guy!!) My car was running!!! I was shocked to say the least. David said, my hose that comes off of the air cleaner was not attached properly, so it was causing the mass air flow sensor to freak out. He asked if I'd had anyone replace my air filter recently. Well, it just so happens that I had just had a transmission flush, oil change, tire rotation and system check done by a shop in Point Loma a few weeks prior for a trip my husband and I had taken to San Jose and San Francisco. Apparently when they checked my air filter, they didn't screw the clamps back together on the hose and it worked it's way off over the last few weeks of driving. I couldn't believe it!! I was so grateful to David for fixing the issue so quickly!! David took my car for a drive and came back with the all clear that it was good to go. I signed his phone app and we parted ways. He was very friendly and I really liked that he spoke sweetly of his wife. We discussed that he and my husband both have old Toyota trucks etc. He was great!! Then I got to thinking about it.......he could have REALLY took advantage of this minor issue I had and made some money off of me. He could have easily diagnosed it as what I expressed that I thought it was (fuel pump etc). BUT, he didn't. I have found an ETHICAL mechanic with INTEGRITY!!!??? WOW!!! Thank you David, you will be HIGHLY recommended by me to EVERYONE that I know!!!
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This guy was nothing short of phenomenal. he was explanatory, informational, and technically inspirational. He took time to enlighten and elucidate, delineate and educate me on the nuances of modern autos in general and my auto in particular. his thoroughness and professional duty was a natural trait of his adept knowledge and excellent mastery of all things automobile. His systemic analysis, and problem based synthesis was remarkable and understandable, for the lay person or skilled shade tree mechanic. Tim was punctual, professional, took pride in his work and personable to boot. This was a most pleasant experience in a most stressful situation. truly an outstanding experience!..
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Genaro arrived about 10 minutes earlier and had parts ready for my request job on replacing the high pressure power steering hose. It took him about 1.5 hour to have the hose replaced, refilled and checked out. It has been great for last few days, no more leak. Great job.
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All about Power Steering Pump Replacement

The power steering system enables you to turn the steering wheel easily. When the car is not running, it is extremely hard to turn the steering wheel. When the car is running, it is the power steering system that helps you turn the steering wheel so easily. The power steering system includes: power steering pump, fluid, belt, hoses and steering gear (rack and pinion). The steering gear connects the steering wheel to the suspension stub axles. When you turn the steering wheel, the power steering pump sends fluid to the steering gear that applies the pressure needed to turn the wheels. If the power steering pump leaks, the steering will become harder to turn. You will see fluid (power steering fluid) underneath your car.

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