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Four Steps To Building A Winning Culture
At YourMechanic, we noted marked progress in every aspect of the company, including quarterly growth metrics, employee engagement and day-to-day tasks. Read more →
YourMechanic ratchets up mobile car repair business with new strategy
YourMechanic has added mobility and fleet maintenance to its mobile repair offerings and this week announced a partnership with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. that lets it add tire service for its customers. Read more →
YourMechanic Adds Tire Sales and Installation Via Goodyear Dealers
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. will provide tire sales and installation services to customers of YourMechanic Services Inc.’s online platform. Read more →
Ex-GM CEO Wagoner invests in Silicon Valley car service startup YourMechanic
YourMechanic announced former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner's involvement Tuesday in conjunction with closing $10.2 million in Series B1 funding. Read more →
YourMechanic finds that California has the most aggressive drivers
YourMechanic, a Mountain View car service startup, analyzed nine data points —including driver skill, car theft rates, weather conditions and road congestion — for every state in the U.S. It then ranked the states numerically in a handful of categories. Read more →
Dear Facebook Messenger We’re in a relationship, but it’s complicated
At YourMechanic, we were exploring the idea of an artificially intelligent chatbot a few months before the Facebook Messenger platform was announced. Read more →
The Coolest Tech at the LA Auto Show
As our cars become more like two-ton devices on wheels, auto shows are adjusting their scope to include apps, AI, connected cars, and more. That's why the Los Angeles Auto Show held Automobility, a pre-opening tech showcase. Read more →
Meet This Year's Top Ten Automotive Startups
Gone are the days when “automotive” meant designing, building, and selling vehicles and parts. These days, the auto world has been turned upside down by emerging technologies that promise to change how people get from Point A to Point B. Read more →
Scaling start-up success - YourMechanic CEO Anthony Rodio looks to drive growth in the auto services industry
Anthony Rodio is at the helm of YourMechanic, an online marketplace that connects drivers with local mechanics who provide auto repair and maintenance services at almost any location. Read more →
This Handy Chart Tells You How Many Miles You Can Drive on Empty
Ever wonder what that little low fuel warning dash light actually represents in your car? Wonder no more, because this helpful chart tells you how many miles are left when your tank reaches empty. Read more →
These Are the Most Expensive Car Brands to Maintain
YourMechanic.com has a great look at something everyone should consider when buying a car—how much it'll cost to maintain. The site, which specializes helping people find mechanics who can come to them—used 10 years' worth of data to crunch the numbers Read more →

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