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There are 253 million cars on the road in the U.S. One in three cars break down every year. As of April, 2015:

  • There are 190 million out-of-warranty cars in the U.S. (86% of all cars on the road)
  • The average age of a car is 11.2 years
  • The average number of services each car needs every year is 4.2
  • The average cost to maintain a car per year is $800

When you put all these numbers together, that’s a lot of cars that need maintenance. Since most of us use cars to get to work, school, or the infinite number of other places we need to be, we rely on them working well.

Most drivers aren’t experts in car repair and need help when something goes wrong with their cars.

YourMechanic is not just a network of mobile mechanics across the country; we’re also a hub of knowledge and information. We have thousands of articles, data on how much it costs to maintain your car, and a platform for asking our mechanics your burning questions (bonus: it’s free).

As for this blog, it’s where we’ll house company updates, proud achievements, new market launches, glimpses into life at HQ, and much more. It’s access to YourMechanic, under the hood.

Have a question about how we work or a general press inquiry? We’d love to chat with you. Please email us at media@yourmechanic.com.

Emily Edwards

Emily is the Managing Editor at YourMechanic. Originally from Nova Scotia, she has a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and has been in California since 2015.