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How We Utilize Castrol’s Motor Oil

Regular oil changes using a high-quality motor oil in your car is crucial for optimal engine function and vehicle performance. The moving parts within an engine rub against each other and produce heat from the friction. Oil lubricates and cools these engine components by absorbing the heat. Without it, the combined forces of friction and heat can cause severe damage to the engine. This is why YourMechanic has chosen Castrol for all oil changes. Its optimized engineering provides critical engine component protection, extending the life of the engine.

Motor oil comes in four main categories: regular, synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage. Most cars work well with regular or synthetic oil but make, model, and engine type determine what oil your vehicle specifically needs. Car owners should refer to their manufacturer’s recommendation for choosing the right oil given their driving conditions. Synthetic oils can extend the intervals between oil changes because they can handle higher engine performance longer — increasing the overall life of your car.

Castrol offers a range of oil to suit the unique needs of your car. Whether your car needs oil designed to withstand extreme heat, pressure, mileage, or protection against grime buildup, Castrol has what you need.

Here at YourMechanic, we are proud to use Castrol oil in all of our services. Castrol designs their products through an extensive research and development process to meet all consumer driving styles. They collaborate with leading automotive manufacturers to provide a wide range of oil types engineered for specific operating conditions and environments. When we use Castrol oil in your car, you know we’re filling it with a lubricant perfectly suited to your car’s needs.

Abigail Blake

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