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The Mechanic Hiring Process

YourMechanic has redefined how car owners service their vehicles by delivering top-notch repair service at their home or office. One of the most important parts of this redefinition is making sure that we work with the best mechanics who take the best care of customers and their cars.

Who are our mechanics?

Our mechanic team is crucial to the company’s overall success. The mechanics come from various backgrounds and wear many hats. They not only need to be skilled in car repair, but they must have entrepreneurial skills to perform multiple job functions. They are mechanics, service advisors, parts specialist, and sales representatives, all in one. To locate the best talent, we use a comprehensive national recruiting strategy including advertising, referrals from our best mechanics and partnerships with leading/premier automotive organizations.

What does the application process look like?

To start, mechanics first fill out an online application form providing detailed information about their professional auto repair experience and skill set. If they meet our minimum standards, they will move forward with an initial interview with our mechanic recruiting team to gather in-depth information about their background and experience. We then initiate a comprehensive background check. If they pass the initial screening, eligible candidates will then be interviewed and tested by our corporate master mechanic team. Our corporate master mechanics are all ASE-certified master mechanics typically with over 30 plus years of industry experience.

ASE is the National Institution for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE is an independent, non-profit organization that promotes excellence in vehicle repair and service by certifying automotive professionals. Holding an ASE certification is an industry-wide badge of excellence that ensures the customer they are working with world-class mechanics.

The purpose of our intensive screening is to ensure we only onboard qualified mechanics who are equipped and prepared to deliver world-class service to our customers. On average, the mechanics on our platform have ten years of experience. Many mechanics are ASE certified as well.

How do we screen mechanics?

As mentioned above, once the mechanics pass the introduction interview, they must undergo an intensive screening process with our corporate master mechanic team. The screening specifically evaluates each mechanics’ skill with every make of vehicle. We test the mechanics on the level of difficulty they can perform services and receive a rating for each car make.

For example, if a mechanic desires to work on Hondas, they then must achieve a rating proving they can perform jobs on Hondas. To provide a rating for each car make is critical because not all cars are repaired the same way. This tailored rating system ensures YourMechanic and our customers that the right mechanics are being sent to the right jobs for a given vehicle. YourMechanic also encourages and rewards its mechanics to continue their professional development through continued training and pursuing further ASE certifications.

Our mechanics are required to maintain the highest service standards to work with us. We rely on our customers to provide ratings for their mechanics and monitor our mechanics’ overall scores. Mechanics with low or inconsistent ratings will not be allowed to continue providing service through the YourMechanic platform.

What does the YourMechanic on-boarding process look like?

At YourMechanic, you can trust the people who are working on your car. We have a robust onboarding program that helps mechanics as they begin working on the YourMechanic platform. Each mechanic has a regional lead representative assigned who provides resources and coaching to help mechanics thrive on the platform.

The regional lead representatives are made up of a group of qualified specialists who work hand in hand with mechanics to help them succeed and resolve issues as they arise given the complexity of auto repair. They are critical to the success of our mechanics because they provide step by step guidelines on how to provide excellent customer service and how to operate on the YourMechanic platform.

What relationship does YourMechanic have with mechanics?

YourMechanic works in partnership with mechanics. By connecting mechanics directly with car owners in need of repair services, we are empowering these hard-working mechanics to control their quality of life. They can choose when they work, and the type of cars and services they want to work on. We provide them access to customers, schedule flexibility, and high-quality parts. Mechanics can focus on what they love — working on cars — and we take care of the rest.

If you have any questions about how YourMechanic hires its professionals, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-844-249-6752.

Dora Gyulai

Dora is the Marketing Specialist at YourMechanic. Her background is in digital media and advertising. Dora has been with YourMechanic since 2017, and her focus is on social media growth and engagement.