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How Does the Warranty Work?

Car repair is precise work because each part has an impact on both the overall functionality of the car as well as the other individual parts. If a mechanic replaces your leaking radiator hoses, the freshly sealed cooling system could potentially cause a leak to form at the next weakest link, such as the radiator itself or the heater core.

To protect you, your car, and our mechanics, YourMechanic carries liability insurance for jobs performed by the mechanics in our network. This means that YourMechanic stands behind the work performed by any mechanic in our network that you request under our Limited Warranty.

What is the Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty at YourMechanic guarantees that the new parts (if provided through YourMechanic) installed in your car is not defective, that they perform as expected under normal usage conditions, and that the work done to install the new parts is completed properly.

How long does coverage under the Limited Warranty last?

The Limited Warranty lasts for 12 months or 12,000 miles of use, whichever comes first, starting from the date of the first appointment and the odometer reading shown on the invoice. This is known as the “Warranty Period.”

Good to know: if any corrective work is completed under this Limited Warranty, it will not restart the Warranty Period.

Some parts provided by our technicians may carry a separate warranty that extends beyond the Warranty Period (for example, some of the batteries used are covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty). In those cases, the term of the manufacturer’s warranty will apply only to the specific materials, and the workmanship will be included under the Warranty Period.

Who is covered by the Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty is for you, the customer, as the original purchaser of auto repair or maintenance services that you have requested and scheduled through YourMechanic.

Keep in mind: the Limited Warranty does not extend to any person who buys your car after the services are performed.

What is not covered by the Limited Warranty?

There are a few things that the Limited Warranty does not cover that you should know about. These include:

  • Any damage to your car caused by abnormal use, misuse, neglect, alteration or tampering, or by external causes (such as accidents, fire, water, and freezing).

  • Any work for which you have paid the mechanic directly, rather than making your payment through YourMechanic.

  • Any work not scheduled and processed through YourMechanic, including any work you did yourself or done by anyone who is not a mechanic in the YourMechanic network.

  • Any issues unrelated to the services ordered by you.

For example, if you order an alternator replacement because your car was not starting, and the car continues not to start after the alternator is replaced, the Limited Warranty does not cover the fact that the car does not start.

  • Any pre-existing condition with your car that is not known by the mechanic before starting the service and that is discovered during or after the services are performed.

For example, if you ask the mechanic to replace valve cover gaskets, but during the removal, some worn plastic hoses break because they are old and brittle (not as a result of poor workmanship in repairing the valve cover gaskets).

  • Any repairs that you ask the mechanic to perform beyond those included in the mechanic’s diagnosis of the problem, and which the mechanic performs, even if those additional repairs are needed to fix the issue you asked the mechanic to diagnose (provided, however, that if you authorize and pay for additional repairs through YourMechanic, such additional repairs would be included in the Services and covered by this Limited Warranty).

  • Any significant effects of the services performed, unrelated to any of the parts replaced being defective or any of the repair work being done incorrectly.

For example, if you request a transmission fluid service (but haven’t been replacing the transmission fluid regularly) and your transmission stops shifting correctly because it can’t handle the new fluid (even though it’s the right fluid) - this is a “consequential effect” not covered by the Limited Warranty.

How do you file a claim under the Limited Warranty?

To file a claim, or to see if your situation qualifies, email us at hi@yourmechanic.com or call us at 1-800-701-6230 within the Warranty Period. When contacting us, please describe the nature of the problem and provide proof of purchase, including the work order number.

What is the process for a claim filed under this Limited Warranty?

Once you file a claim with us, our team will evaluate the claim. To do this, we’ll send a mechanic to inspect the problem. If the mechanic determines that there is a defect in the materials or quality of the services and we decide to remedy the work or replace a defective part (instead of providing a refund), we will create a new appointment to perform this work and/or replace such part at no cost to you.

Good to know: If the mechanic determines that the claimed defect is not the result of an error in materials or quality of our services, you will be charged for one hour of labor fees. You must pay for any non-warranty service ordered at the same time as any warranty service.

What happens if you are outside our service area when you file a claim?

If you file a claim when you’re outside of our service area, we will either authorize you to take your car to a repair shop that we select or to a registered automotive repair shop or dealer service center that you choose.

If the repair shop or service center determines that the claimed defect is a result of an error in materials or quality of the services, we will reimburse you for the cost of the repair up to the amount paid by you to us for the original service.

How do you get reimbursed?

To receive reimbursement, you must supply us with a copy of the inspection report and the repair invoice from the registered automotive repair shop or dealer service center together with the repair shop or dealer service center’s phone number.

Can I keep any defective parts replaced under the Limited Warranty?

Nope, all defective parts replaced under this Limited Warranty must be returned to us at this address:

2525 E Charleston Rd Mountain View, CA 94043

When is the Limited Warranty void?

The coverage provided by YourMechanic’s Limited Warranty is voided when any parts not ordered through YourMechanic are installed by the mechanic or, after receiving the services, you take your car to an outside mechanic without giving YourMechanic the first opportunity to inspect and remedy the problem (or consent to an alternative mechanic to do so). It’s up to YourMechanic to decide whether this Limited Warranty does not apply or is otherwise void as to a particular warranty claim.

Note: except as provided in the limited warranty, YourMechanic has no responsibility or liability for any services or parts supplied to you by such mechanics.

Do you do warranty work or collision damage repair?

If you have an extended warranty, we can work with your warranty provider. We currently do not work with OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and do not offer any OE warranty services. We also do not provide any collision-related repairs.

We know that this is a lot of information and that you want to be sure you’re covered when you book with YourMechanic. If you have any questions about how our warranty works and how it applies to you, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-701-6230.

Emily Edwards

Emily is the Managing Editor at YourMechanic. Originally from Nova Scotia, she has a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and has been in California since 2015.