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Transparency is at the core of YourMechanic. We know how important your car is to you, and that's why we work hard to make sure that getting your car repaired on-site is easy, professional, and safe.

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Services by Arturo Lopez

Friendly. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. I would 100% recommend and will be seeking his service if I have any other car problems.

Services by Duane Wheeler

Duane is great! Would highly recommend! I will definitely try and get his help with some other stuff I need done in the future!

Services by Oscar Edward

Excellent service and good value

The whole experience with this company is awful. Sent this message to CEO, waiting to hear back: Hello Mr. Rodio - Hope this message finds you well. I’m sure you are busy and I don’t want to waste your time, but as somebody in the service industry as well - I think you’d want to hear about my experience with your company. When I first found your company, I was like, wow, great idea. Booked an appointment, everything was easy. Until the day of the appointment - when the mechanic was 6 hours late. That wasn’t a typo, 6 hours. I had to call ‘Yourmechanic’ and they had to find out what was going on - and then I was told he would arrive within the hour. 3 hours later, he showed up. Something about an ‘emergency repair’. He was fine - a little disheveled and approached me without a mask. I let it go and he diagnosed the problem - and said he needed to order the part. He also was going to order another part to fix the hood latch. He said he would contact me when the part was available. After not hearing anything for 9 days - I called and was told - “Oh, the part is here, we just need to get you scheduled” I asked why I wasn’t contacted and wasn’t given an answer - and was told nothing about the 2nd part. I asked and they said - we don’t have record of any other part. After adding the part to the repair, I was then told they couldn’t source the part. (With one quick google search, I found the part - and trust me, I know NOTHING about cars). When the mechanic finally came for the 2nd time - he was 3 1/2 hours late. Even after I was assured from a. Supervisor that he wouldn’t be late. I pay to keep the truck in a private garage as I don’t live in the state where the truck resides. So, the people I pay at the garage had to wait for your mechanic to arrive. Then I get a note, that ANOTHER part needs to be ordered in order to complete the repair. The mechanic told me he ordered the part and it should be available the next day - and we scheduled another appt. The next appt was at 1pm - and again I get a message from the garage that he was a no-show. I reach out to your company again, only to be told that the mechanic has been fired. FIRED! Now, it is 30 minutes past the appt time, and no one called me to tell me my mechanic was fired. I ask to speak to a supervisor - and am told one will contact me within 48 hours. Cmon. 48 hours? You don’t have a system where someone can talk with a Supervisor? Thats like customer service 101. I insist and finally get a call back to which the supervisor (Jennifer) tells me that she doesn’t know why the other person said he was fired, but that the mechanic is not with you guys anymore (!?!?!). She can reschedule for 1 week away! So, I have to wait another week, because your company can’t figure this out?!?! Also, I have to pay my garage to have people available, but she says “ I can give you $50 off”. What a joke. I said that it? Your mechanic is extremely late twice and a no-show a third time - and you think to fix it I’ll give him $50? At this point, I feel locked in, because your company has the part I need and I have to wait until next Friday to have a new mechanic hopefully show up on time. As you can imagine, I’m beside myself. I would love to speak to someone about this. I’m even considering a complaint with the BBB. Fast forward post letter.....after a 2nd mechanic came to repair and couldn’t complete the repair, I had someone else not from Your Mechanic look at the problem - and the freaking fuse was loose. Nothing to repair. TWO mechanics from Your Mechanic couldn’t figure this out.