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Services by Jay Unger

Jay was the most nicest guy and honest! He told me everything I needed to do to my car as a maintenance up keep and told me nothing was in dire need. What he did say was before the summer. He was trustworthy and came early because of the rain. Listened and answered all my questions and my families questions. I am completely satisfied and wish I had known about YourMechanic a long time ago. I would have saved hundreds of dollars.

Services by Godwin Tsui

I am SO happy I found YourMechanic when I did. When my check engine light came on, I immediately took it to a shop to uncover the code. Once they discovered the problem with my timing belt, they were going to charge me a ridiculous amount of money to do the job. On top of that, I would've had to wait a week to book an appointment, there was just no way I was going to wait a week, I was already paranoid driving the car down the street. That evening I did a Google search and found YourMechanic and was so happy to be given a quote right away for drastically less than the shops were quoting me. I booked my appointment right away. Godwin was awesome! He was friendly and extremely professional. I appreciated how he accommodated my address change and communicated every step of the way. My timing belt was repaired in under 3 hours and then took my car around the block to make sure everything ran smoothly. I really appreciated the inspection report that I received in my inbox and all the feedback that was provided for my car. All in all this was a wonderful and very pleasant experience and will certainly be making Godwin my go-to guy for my recommended services. Thank you so much Godwin!!