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Curtis inew what to do to fix my Volvo

Services by David Oloyede

David was very professional and able to complete most of the job in the expected amount of time. I would not hesitate to recommended yourmechanic or David to friends and family. David was a excellent and experienced mechanic.

Services by Attila Paniti

Good and fast mechanic

Services by Alexander Delgado

excellent mechanic

Services by Marco Suarez

This guy comes out and tells me I need a strut on front drivers side and that's it. He comes out with the part installs it and I pay 500$. This guy splits without ever starting my car and testing his work. Crazy! He tells me my car is "good to go" . My girl and I stoked that I can drive my car again. We start it up and pull out the driveway and immediately it's obvious something is very wrong. The left front wheel is turning a hard left while steering wheel is straight. It's impossible to drive. So your mechanic sends out Carlos and he's obviously a very good mechanic. It only takes Carlos 30 seconds to first notice that Marcos did not put the linkage bar back on my car which keeps the wheels straight. Thank goodness they take so many pictures because Carlos pulls up pic of the old strut and you can see the linkage bar is still attached to it. But Marcos took the old part with him so we don't even have it to put it back on. But all of this could of been avoided because second thing Carlos noticed easily is that my Volvo sub frame is bent.. There's no way Marcos could of missed that. Had he told me that during his diagnoses i would of never agreed to pay 500 for a strut. The car is totaled and he should of told me that so I could of made correct decision with my car.. A strut was pointless and I still can't drive my car and now I'm out of pocket for a total of 900 bucks. 500 strut 89 for wrong diagnoses and 300÷ for the rental car i got while waiting on him to come make it worse. Do not trust this guy. I knew something was wrong when he left so quick without even checking his work. He never even started my car. Smh