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Services by Nick Marquis

Nick was a great mechanic and diagnosed the problem accurately. My problem with this company in general is the fact that they charged me $70 for the diagnosis but I was not able to put that toward the repairs because the mechanic was unable to repair my vehicle at my home. I ended up having to tow it to the dealer to complete the repairs which meant spending another $70 dollars for their diagnosis and then repair. I feel since he was unable to repair my vehicle they should not have charged the full $70 for the diagnosis since I was not able to put that diagnosis bill towards the repair. They did show up and he did do work so I definitely should pay something but not the full $70. Additionally the diagnosis he gave was the exact same diagnosis that I read online so in some ways I kind of wasted money. That certainly is not Nicks fault he is a great mechanic and I would recommend him. However given the uncertainty about their ability to be able to repair the vehicle at the home I would not recommend going to this company.