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Services by Kenneth R. Vinson

Friendly, prompt, knows his trade, communicates well. Top notch as a person and as a mechanic.

Services by David Martin

I had not described the problem online accurate (partly because of misinfo from the Acura dealer), resulting in a quote that involved far more labor and parts than necessary to solve the problem. Rather than doing the quoted job, David took the time to make an accurate diagnosis. He then opened up the back of whatever you call the thing between the two front seats (I had mistakenly called it the center console), disconnected the electronic gadget that enables rear passengers to control their own climate, and reassembled the whatever. This silenced the noise that had been driving us crazy, pending David coming back and installing a new gadget. (Acura had told me that such a disconnection could not be done, and that I had to replace one or two ventilator motors for between $1200 and $1500.) Your Mechanic's quote for same (although not with Acura parts) was $470. David charged $70 for the diagnostic visit and expects the actual part we need plus installation to be a lot less. In conclusion, David is honest and expert. Based on this visit, we'll be seeing him for all maintenance and repairs. The only box I'm not checking below is "timely," because due to heavy rain snarling the freeways today, David was late arriving, so can't say if he is normally on time.