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Q: Xenon dipped lights lights intermitantly not working left then right no fixed pattern

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Xenon dipped lights working intermitly

My car has 800000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The least costly items to replace would be the xenon bulbs. While they do have a long lifespan, they can behave strangely when failed or failing. They can stop working completely, or work intermittently for a time before they stop working completely. While xenon bulbs are not inexpensive, the other possibility can be even more costly. Xenon headlights have a ballast, or ignitor, attached to each of them. Xenon bulbs are filled with xenon gas, which requires 35,000+ volts to light. The ignitor takes the 12-14 volts from the vehicle’s electrical system and amplifies it to 35,000 volts. Once lit, the bulbs require less power than conventional halogen headlights. If the ballasts are bad, odds are that they are not available as stand-alone replacement parts. The entire headlight assemblies may have to be replaced. Have a certified tech look into the headlights not working as soon as possible.

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