Q: Won't start, so many possibilities can't figure out why

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So I was given a 1973 dodge tradesman 300 maxi, 360 engine, it's a camper van and it's my home. It didn't start when she gave it to me, but it didn't even have a battery She told me she had friends that said it could be the carb needed to be rebuilt or a blown head gasket. I put the battery from my old van in and as long as I pumped the gas while I started it it would start....sometimes....sometimes I had to put her in neutral to start...other times it would just click, and if I used a different battery it would click or not make any noise but never start. So I only use my old van battery cause it at least started sometimes...it's brand new battery so go figure. I put a splice thingy on the positive cables because they were all over the place so I thought shotty connection and it started up a bunch of times in a row. Replaced the spark plugs and wires a few days later...plopped the battery back in...NO START. cranks and sounds ready to start first couple cranks but never turns over...
My car has an automatic transmission.

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