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Q: Whining noise

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I've been leaking antifreeze and oil now it's making a wining noise when I accelerate and deaccelerate

My car has 186000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The first thing to do is make sure all of your fluids are full. Even if leaking, the vehicle depends on these fluids, and you need to be adding them as they leak out. Low oil in particular will cause engine noises. The water pump will also make noises when there is an issue with the cooling system. If both of these fluids are leaking due to a faulty head gasket, then further damages may occur. If this is the case, the sooner you have the repair done, the better. If the leaks are external, then the fluids may be getting onto the belts and making the belts slip. This would cause a whining or squeaking noise. Only further inspection will tell. For more help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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Hello, thank you for writing in. The first thing to do in your situation is to check all of the fluids. If the oil in particular is low, you will get engine noise. The water pump will also whine if the coolant is low, or it is failing. If the leaks are related and the head gasket has failed, you will want to seek a repair immediately. Further damage can occur to the engine causing more severe issues. If the leaks are external and separate issues, the fluids may be getting onto the drive belt and causing the noise. If this is the case the belt may be slipping and now powering the accessories like it should be. For more help with an inspection or repair, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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