Q: Why would I need a new hall sensor, is that and a cam sensor vital to fix before driving a long distance?

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I've been feeling a very slight jerk/misfire/lurching motion when driving at very high or low speeds (less between about 35-60mph.) I was paying attention to if it was getting worse over time or other problems were developing, but it was very slight and consistent. I'm not sure if that is even related, but then my check engine light came on with code P0341 (cam shaft 'a' sensor.)

I took it to a VW dealer mechanic and they're saying I need a new cam sensor at $125, a new hall sensor at $200, a $100 diagnostic fee, and a $109 installation fee, so coming out to over $500. I was under the impression that a cam sensor replacement was fairly easy and inexpensive, and I don't even know what a hall sensor is. Wondering how I should proceed. The van is still starting/driving mostly fine, and I'm wondering if I'd be safe to drive it up north about 5.5 hrs to my home (I've been traveling) and get another quote without damaging anything/getting stranded (traveling alone.)

My car has 136000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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