Q: Why truck will not go when cold

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The truck runs fine after it warms up got a injector going bad and thought that was the problem but not sure now before and by that i mean a couple of months back the truck would run rough skipping and cutting out for 4 or 5 miles only when it was cold as in set overnight i could drive it to work and it was fine at the end of the day still ran as if it were warm already but now the thing will only do 30 mph untill it warms up and in a couple of hours it is like it set overnight again but after the 4 or5 miles it takes to warm it up it runs like a new one again it is so weak if you park on the slightest hill you will need four low to get it to back up but like i said it runs good as new after it warms up.and it also doesn't won't to start only after it sets overnight and it has new set of glow plugs

My car has 290000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If you have had the fuel injection control module (FICM) replaced recently then you may have a bad FICM caused by repeated low voltage conditions causing the FICM to not produce the high 42 volts to open the injectors when the engine is cold. You should remove the inspection cover from the FICM and is you see any burned connections then replace the module and retest the system. Make sure the battery voltage is above 12.5 volts when engine is cold in order to supply enough injector volts to open them good when it is cold.

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