Q: Why is clucth pedal going all the way to floor after getting new clutch master cylinder?

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A few days a go I took my truck in because it was having trouble shifting while sitting still. The dealership said it was the clutch master cylinder and changed that, then said I need a new clutch. I am going to take it to a less expensive place to have that done. But in the mean time the clutch pedal is now super loose and it goes all the way to the floor, it was not doing this before the "fixed" it. Everything I read makes it sound like this is a symptom of a bad clutch master cylinder. Need advice please.

My car has 65000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi Jaime. Thanks for writing in today. I am a bit confused about your situation. The clutch pedal is supposed to go all the way to the floor when pressed. However, it should have pressure on the clutch pedal as you press down. If no pressure exists and the clutch does not engage when you bring it upward, then the repairs that the dealership completed did not work. A ’loose" clutch pedal is typically a master or slave cylinder issue. However, the dealership should explain what was replaced and verify that their repair was completed correctly. If the clutch pack itself is damaged, it can also display these same symptoms - but I am confused why the master cylinder would be replaced without fixing the other issues? I would recommend contacting the dealership to get verification as to what’s causing these problems and what was actually replaced. If the clutch itself requires replacement, have that done and the problem should be resolved.

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