Q: why does the power steering system go out within hours of being reset

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Almost a year ago my steering locked up after research I found there was a recall on the power steering ; last week it went out again this time they reset it or replaced it I do not know and said I need all 4 control arms replaced, I could not afford their prices. I drove my car home the next morning the steering was out again.?? If the recall was replaced why is it dead so fast? and if not replaced what's the point in the recall? what can I do and where can I take my car to be fixed besides Ford?

My car has 115000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I am not sure how failed control arms could cause the power steering to become inoperative. If your vehicle has electronic power steering, it is possble that the rack and pinion or the computer module that controls the power steering system has failed. It is unlikely that many other shops or technicians will have the correct equipment to diagnose this system. Most of the time the dealership has a monopoly on systems such as this because they manufactured it. Also, if the system has had recall work done to it and the vehicle’s issue has not been resolved, it would be the responsibility of the dealership to resolve the issue under warranty. I would recommend returning to the dealership where the recall work was performed and explain your issue to them.

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