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Q: Which coolant to use

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I am located in a remote Canadian town - no Toyota service available. The coolant level in the plastic reservoir is about an inch below LOW. I need to top up. The closest suitable coolant that I could find locally is 1. Pristone - all vehicles, all makes, all colours 2. Motomaster - Asian vehicles (Honda, Toyota, Subaru, etc.) Green or Orange

Which one do I use to top up?

My car has 12000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Considering your distance from a Toyota dealership, I would simply use water to bring the reservoir bottle to the Minimum level marking until you get the proper coolant. I realize you are just topping off the level with a small amount, but in years of experience with all these new coolant formulations, I have seen some issues created by mixing coolant types, even with those labeled "safe for all cars" etc. The different chemical compositions can sometimes cause chemical reactions that make the mixture a bit more corrosive or gel up a bit and clog smaller coolant passages in the radiator and heater core. If driving to a Toyota dealership or parts source that sells the specific coolant is a hassle, consider ordering it online and having it shipped to you to save you problems down the road.

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