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Q: Wheel bearing hub assembly

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I can not get the three bolts that hold the wheel bearing hub assembly out. Axle boot is in the way of getting 1/2 impact on it. A lot of the shafts I've seen bolt on to the differential, but the one I have just slides in looks like. Never fooled with any like it or I would just pull the axle and lay the impact and smoke wrench to it. Any suggestions?

My car has 214000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Based on the Factory Service Manual (FSM), you remove the hub/wheel bearing assembly (on 4WD vehicles) without axle or knuckle removal. That means you might have to use a regular thin wall socket and an offset (wobbly type) extension. The bolts holding the hub assembly to the knuckle are torqued to 123 ft. lbs. New bolts are recommended due to the high stress applied to these bolts. Tighten the halfshaft axle nut to exactly 173 ft. lbs. If you exceed that value the bearing will be destroyed because the balls are forced into the races. Only a calibrated torque wrench can be used. Using an air wrench will destroy the bearing. All other tightening specifications as outlined in the FSM must be followed for a safe, trouble-free installation. If you desire professional removal and installation of a new bearing, the service to request is wheel hub/bearing assembly replacement.

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