Q: What's the ever age price to replace a waterpump on a 01 ford ranger?

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I was wondering how much it'll take to fix a water pump on a 01 Ford 3.0 liter ? I don't want to be overcharged

My car has 180000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi...it takes roughly 2 hours to remove and replace a water pump on the 2001 Ranger. You can multiple that (2 hours) by your local labor charges to obtain the total labor cost. The cost of the pump itself will vary from $40 to $135 or more depending on whether you buy a new OEM Ford pump (recommended) or a rebuilt pump. There are a multitude of vendor prices in between. It is recommended that you install a new thermostat whenever you are doing major cooling system work. Thermostats are not expensive and replacement is cheap insurance against future cooling system problems, particularly engine overheating. The OEM (dealer supplied) thermostat is always recommended to avoid fit and function headaches.

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