Q: What else could it be?

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So a few days ago my car wouldn't start all it would do is make one click and then nothing. After researching it for a while I came to the conclusion it was the starter so I replaced the starter and it started up fine. But then after driving for a while my battery light came on and then I started losing power in my car and it died. So assumed it was my battery or my alternator so I took both of them in to get checked and they both passed. So I am just wondering what else it could possibly be

My car has 189000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Anthony. Thanks for writing in today to YourMechanic.com. Generally speaking, when a car starts and gradually loses power, it’s related to a fuel system restriction - either not enough fuel or a problem with the fuel to air mixture. This can be caused by failing fuel pump, clogged fuel or air filters or a mass air flow sensor that is damaged or faulty. It is also possible for an ignition system component or electrical relay to be stuck open, causing what’s known as a parasitic drain, which would possibly explain the battery light to illuminate. It is also possible that a few electrical connections that are included in the battery or charging system are the source of this problem as well. Without completing an onsite inspection, it’s really difficult to pinpoint the exact source of what’s causing your Malibu’s issues, so you might want to have a mobile mechanic come to your location to inspect your vehicle before attempting further repairs.

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