Q: What can possibly be the problem and how much am I looking at?

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My uncle put a new aftermarket fuel pump in the car this past summer. He hasn't driven it much. But I have been driving it the past two days and it drives great. Only this morning I was going up at mountain where I live and the engine started stalling (kinda how it does when you run out of gas). So we checked the pressure and there wasn't any pressure at all. And I put a new relay and it still won't crank. Or sometimes it will crank but when you give it gas it'll die out. Can you tell me if I'm looking at buying another water pump? Or trash in the filter? Whatever else can be the issue and how to check it. And if it is the water pump how it the car going through so many, what can be causing them to go out

My car has 175000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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