Q: Went through high water did not let up on gas, got home and turned off car and restarted it, now wont start batterys fine

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I went through high water and did not let off the gas, then my car got stuck in park and had to use the unlock shifter button. I got home and turned off car, and restarted it 3 times. Went back out to start car and would not even click or nothing, dash light were slow to come on. Checked my oil, no water in my oil so no water got in motor thank god. But I pray this is a simple fix like maybe like a jump start because of may wet starter or somewhat. Please help. I am a left leg amputee due cancer and need my car in case of emergency evacuation in south Texas.

My car has 45000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Leonard. Typically when this issue occurs, it is a minor problem, such as the starter or other electrical connectors to ignition system components being soaked with water. However, if the engine did not turn over at all, it’s more likely that an ignition or starter relay has been damaged. If you’re in the Houston area or other parts of Southern Texas, your best bet right now is to contact a friend or family member that can come pick you up in case of emergency, as no auto parts stores are likely open and most of our mobile mechanics are likely hunkered down as well. You might want to set up a car is hard to start inspection to have one of our mobile mechanics come to your location to diagnose this issue and complete repairs.

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