Q: Well be driving 3 hours one way today and 3 the next day in 20 to 30 degree weather. It is dry out but freezing. I have 2 new...

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Well be driving 3+ hours one way today and 3+ the next day in 20 to 30 degree F weather. It is dry out but freezing. I have 2 new all-weather tires in front and i have no 4wd. Should i be worried?? I am stressed out about the drive but at least it will be dry out, right? I'm mostly worried about traction. There is an S on my gear shift that i never use. What is it? (Just in case i need to use it) i am a woman, lol.

My car has 49000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

With a front-wheel drive vehicle, having the newer tires on the front is definitely the right placement. When it comes to driving in inclement weather, just remember that good common sense is your best bet. If you feel the driving conditions aren’t the best, just slow down a little and take your time. Don’t worry about what how the people around you are driving, watch out for them, but don’t drive outside of your comfort zone. If conditions worsen while you are driving, and you don’t feel comfortable, pull off of the road and wait until the conditions are to a point you feel comfortable. Having plans, or a time frame, won’t matter if you have an accident. Keep in mind that bridges and overpasses will freeze first, but using good judgement is the most important factor in inclement weather. Also, you can also watch videos on the subject at several social media outlets. And, by the way, the "S" marking on the gearshift is for "Sport" mode. It is used for more "spirited" driving, and should not be used in inclement weather.

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  3. Well be driving 3 hours one way today and 3 the next day in 20 to 30 degree weather. It is dry out but freezing. I have 2 new...

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