Q: Van starts right up with first try on cold start, but cranks hard when warm.

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I recently purchased an 05 Honda Odyssey and I was meticulous about looking over everything inside and out. Anyway starting yesterday, it starts right up on the first try, but after driving 30 highway miles to work, I shut it off, clocked in and cane back out to park the van and it cranked really hard and wouldn't start. Tried a couple times and finally just acted like it was dead, wouldn't crank at all. About 15 minutes later, I was about to get a jump but I tried one more time and it started up the first time. I took it to Autozone today to check the charging system and they said everything: battery, starter, alternator, checked out perfectly fine. Got home, did a power steering flush, cranked it on a couple times to test it and the second time I did, same issue as yesterday. Not sure if this can be related, but the power steering is pretty hard when parked or at very low speed, and belt squeals when you first start the engine.

My car has 219000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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