Q: Van shakes/vibrates after turning on and when pressing gas and brake.

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So we recently did a bunch of maintenance and had some repair done. We did oil change, tune-up, new brakes, a new windshield, replaced camshaft position sensor. We just got the van back yesterday after the camshaft position sensor was put in. The van now shakes or vibrates. Before we took it to the shop to have the camshaft position sensor replaced it worked fine, smooth, no problem driving it. After we pick it up its shaking and vibrating as we drove home. The reason we had the camshaft position sensor replaced started with my need to get my tabs and have an emissions test done. The "service engine soon" was on for about a week so I took it to autozone to test the codes. It said the camshaft position sensor was the problem so we got it fixed. The "service engine soon" light was on again while we were driving it home from the shop so we stopped by autozone again. This time the code is for fuel injector 6. We have spent a lot of money already and not sure if that is right. Help!!

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