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My mechanic says my 535i GT has all the four rotors and brakepads need a change, I havent received any alerts on my BMW he trying to rip me. the car has 77K miles on it . he is charging me 1600$ do replace all .

Brake pads cannot simply be changed without also either re-surfacing the brake rotors or installing brand new rotors. In addition, the sliding pins must be removed from the caliper torque plates and thoroughly cleaned and re-installed. Hopefully, the calipers are re-usable but my usual advice is once calipers are ten years old the best practice is to just throw them away; over a long duration, calipers are subject to corrosion, sticking, and accumulation of moisture and dirt in the caliper piston cylinder. Finally, on a car of your vintage, the brake fluid should be thoroughly flushed and new fluid added. As far as the cost, the number you have mentioned is high. If rebuilt calipers and a brake flush are not included, it’s extremely high (exorbitant). You can request a quote for specific brake repair and refurbishment services from YourMechanic or you could request a brake inspection and in the course of that inspection the certified Mechanic will closely evaluate exactly what’s needed on your vehicle and provide a personalized estimate. Please let us know how we can help you further as well as if you have additional questions or concerns.

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