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Q: Turned a corner and must have accelerated too fast

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I pulled put of a local gas station turning right, accelerated only to hear a large bump. A band of some sort must have come off because there was an intermitant thwapping sound when the engime was on and the car ran like it was in neutral. Cannot put into park or move at all. Atm on the side of the road with parking break and hazards om. AAA on the way. Anything I can do?
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like you broke a CV Joint. The CV joint is a ball and groove affair that allows the axles to transmit power to the front wheels. If it fails, it usually happens when you are in a sharp turn. The balls jump out of the grooves and suddenly there is no connection between the transmission and the wheel. The reason you can’t put it in park is because applying the brake will stop the wheel, but with the axle joint broken, it won’t stop the transmission, so it’s as though you were trying to put the car in park while you were moving. You can put it in park by shutting off the engine, then shifting. Changing the joint is not a big deal and if you contact Your Mechanic,, you can have a technician come to your home or office and fix your car right there on the spot

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