Q: Turbo damage in 1.2 TSI

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On Tuesday long story short, I was driving and to avoid someone hitting me I had to accelerate a lot faster than I usually would like to just to get out the way. As I was accelerating the revs must have been high, but I didn't have chance to look at the rev meter but all of a sudden as I was accelerating the engine lost power for a second or so. As soon as it did this I changed to the next gear and the car seemed fine.

After doing some research I'm pretty sure this was the rev limiter kicking in. I have a 1.2 TSI seat ibiza I-TECH, 64 plate, 15k miles.

After this incident I am worrying that this could have caused damage to the engine or turbo?

There is no warning lights on the dashboard.

I never rev my car that high and this was a complete accident and a one off.

Just looking for a professional opinion on whether this as a one off incident could cause damage to the car or turbo?

Thanks in advance

My car has 15300 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi - I think you are fine with that limited burst. And yes, that was probably the rev limiter kicking in - or the waste gate on the turbocharger opening if the engine reached maximum boost. Both devices are there to protect your engine from harm, and in this case, that appears to have happened as designed. If the engine starts exhibiting new, unwelcome behavior (knocking, misfiring or coolant consumption, overheating), then you would want to get that checked out. But - for now, sounds like you’re good. Happy motoring!

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