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This morning after trying to find out what's wrong with it the truck will turn over no problem but it isn't getting fuel I first started it up this morning ran it up the street and back wanted to test to see if the problem fixed it self but it didn't soon as I turn on the headlights the truck shuts off then won't crank back up the radio doesn't turn on or the horn or the running lights but do have bake lights and hazards.... took off the alternator and had it tested it was good the battery is new and the terminals are new so I need some help

My car has 262000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. There are several tests you will want to consider at this point. It would appear that there is some kind of electrical fault revolving around the headlight circuit. One thing you can do is check the power supply going to the fuse box. If this many components are struggling, the fuse box needs to be inspected. Besides the charging system, it is second in responsibility for sending the power supply where it needs to go. Check for a loose connection or dirty wires. If the fuse box passes it’s tests, you will want to perform several other tests to attempt to recreate the issue. For further diagnostic help, contact our service department.

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