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Q: Transmission

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  1. When i put car in park, it pushes/rolls forward a few inches (like its not catching) and on an incline take foot off brake rolls backwards down the hill. Most cars I have ever had catch immediately when I put car in park and they don't roll backwards on a slight incline or hill.

  2. can incorrect use of paddle shifters screw-up a transmission. is this a transmission issue?

thank you very much

My car has 38000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there:

Usually when the vehicle rocks forward slightly after putting the vehicle into park; especially on an incline it’s normal. However, if it’s severe and moves more than a foot after, it may be an indication of a slipping transmission or perhaps input shaft issue. However, today’s modern MB transmissions are incredibly complex and have multiple electrical components and sensors that will create an error code if an actual problem exists. In regards to shift paddles, in theory, they should work just like a race car’s transmission; but the reality is that damage can occur if they are overused, or if they are down shifted too quickly. The best thing you can do to determine what’s going on with your MB E350 is to have a professional mechanic complete a check engine light inspection; so they can scan your ECU to determine if any errors exist. They can also complete a car is not shifting into park inspection while there to see if a mechanic problem exists.

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