Q: Tire continues to deflate

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Front passenger tire had previously been patched from nail by dealership in Aug '16. 2 months ago (Dec '16) it gradually started to lose air. Dealer rechecked & wants $162 for new tire. 2nd mechanic said it was stem valve core not tire so he replaced that. It still loses air. Each day I bring it up to 35 pounds of pressure & the next morning it will deflate to 12-17. I feel like it may not be the tire (tried soap and water method) & find no leaks anywhere. I hate to buy a tire if that's not the problem. If needed tire is P205/70 R16. Ideas?

My car has 20835 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Since you did not state the reason the dealer suggests a new tire, I can only speculate as to what they found. A 12 to 17 psi loss over a day is a good leak. If soapy water is not showing you anything, then the wheel and tire should be submerged in water and checked. It’s usually more telling than soapy water. I would say that leaking around the bead area is a possibility, but that would be typically be seen in older vehicles where the wheels have corroded a bit and didn’t seal properly, but anything is possible. It could even be a cracked wheel. Dunk it in some water and it should become apparent where the leak is coming from.

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