Q: Throttle body replaced under warranty has a defect, now out of warranty.

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-P0121 code. Throttle body replaced. 1 yr warranty -Code returns, replaced computer with used one. -Code returns, take vehicle to dealer, recommend throttle body replaced. I give up due to my inexperience. - 11 months later, attempt to fix car again, throttle body replaced under warranty. Code returns. -Take car to dealer, who recommends a new-new computer, even after i inform them this code has persisted over 2 computers. This is done on Suzuki's recommendation. -code returns. they continue diagnostics, install a new sensor and hook up computer to catch information as the light comes on. -I am now being told I need a 3rd throttle body replacement (by Suzuki).

My problem is that now I am out of warranty. However, Suzuki has given me TWO faulty throttle bodies, and refuses to give me a 3rd. This feels quite unfair- they are the ones who gave faulty parts. Are there any laws that might protect me here? Any advice or resources would be appreciated; i don't know where to look. CA resident

My car has 104000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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