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Q: Throttle Body is going out

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When I start my car, sometimes it starts with no problem. Other times it starts with a message on my dash that says Engine Service Required. When this happens my engine revs by itself in park continuously. If i try to drive when it is doing this, my car does not exceed about 30 mph. I also have issues in the winter with even just shifting my car out of park. The gear shift will not shift out of park until I warm my car up and the thermostat is close to the middle line. I have heard on swedespeed's forum that this could be a problem with the solenoid being gunked up but I would really like to know how much it would cost to clean that or would I have to replace it completely.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It’s more likely that your Volvo is detecting a transmission malfunction and has entered what’s known as "limp mode". This occurs when the ECU detects a mechanical, electrical or sensor issue with the transmission that needs to be inspected or repaired by the dealership or professional mechanic during a transmission is not shifting inspection. I’d recommend having a mobile mechanic come to your location to complete this inspection to determine if you have a minor electrical sensor or mechanical problem or if this issue is larger.

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