Q: Throttle body hose

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Where do the three hoses the connect to the throttle body run to mainly the one in pointed towards firewall? I think it would be the coolant return hose there is only two lines hooked up trying to figure out where the third one runs to again there is no hose to trace.

My car has 236000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I would recommend searching on the engine near the thermostat and the upper and lower radiator hose for a missing hose. I would also recommend checking the intake manifold as well for missing vacuum hoses. If the missing hose is vaccum, the check engine light should come on and may give an indication as to which hose is missing. If you suspect it is a coolant hose, I would recommend having the cooling system pressure tested. Cooling system pressure test cause coolant to leak out from a leak Source if one exists. If there is a missing coolant hose, coolant would certainly leak out in that particular location leading you to the spot that the missing hose connects to.

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