Q: The + & - were switched for just a flash when the battery was jumped.

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My van has had a jumper cable reversed for just a moment... Mechanic told me .Cruse controls buttons , speedometer and tack got fried and will have to put in a new motherboard @$1500 to 2500.....: The odometer, oil ,water, and all other warning lights are ok, is there any way it could be fuses? If so where are they located? I don't find them in the main fuse box under the hood or the few under the drivers dash.. he also said because the flap inside the gas filler neck is broken it will keep starting hard every time. The battery is charged and the starter seems fine. It turns over and over before it will start, every time. How does that filler flap guard influence how the motor starts? Thank you for any advise.

My car has 135000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.it is a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan .

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