Q: The throttle warning light in Cel came on while driving over a mountain pass loss of power and engine died

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I was driving over Snoqualmie Pass in about 3000 ft with a camper in my pickup when I got a throttle system warning light started flashing as I lost power to the engine and I managed to limp to the off-ramp at The Summit and got down the off-ramp in the engine died on the side of the road. Got the truck towed home changed out the throttle body with a brand new Dodge OEM part and hooked up the battery got no check engine light got no throttle light got no codes to read but it won't hold an idle and it runs rough throttle works but not properly it smells like it's running rich I don't know what or where to look to change anything out next any ideas would be helpful as a truck can't exactly be towed to the shop so I get the camper off and I can't get the camper off of that getting the truck running. I did follow the relearn procedure of turning the key on for 10 seconds without starting it.

My car has 198000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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