Q: The engine chek light and the gear with ! Inside came up

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Hi, while i was driving the check engine light came up and soon after also the gear with ! inside. I turned off the engine and i restarted and the gear went away. my car drive as ussually and it change gears at 2500 rpm . I took it to a mechanik to diagnose the problem and the code p0735 apeard,i checked the trasmission oil level and it was ok . It was the only code that showed up.a month before i changed the oil of trasmission.every thing is ok when i drive it in highway ,has speed every thing is normal.When i try to push the aceleration pedal hard in uphill roads the gear icon shows up again.Please help me what does it min.

My car has 160 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. The trouble code and gear icon you describe are indicators of a transmission issue. P0735 is the trouble code for incorrect ratio for 5th gear of the transmission. If the computer detects that the actual shift point for one of the gears, does not match what the calculation should be, it will set off the warning light to notify the driver of the issue. The transmission uses a series of solenoids and sensors to control and calculate the vehicle’s shift points electronically, and an issue with any one or more of the components can cause the check engine light to go off and the vehicle to experience issues. The same can also be caused by internal transmission issues, due to excessive loads, worn gears, or from flow issues due to dirty or contaminated fluid. If the fluid has recently been changed then it is likely not the source of the problem. As these sorts of transmission issues can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, come to your location to determine what may be setting off your light and causing your issues.

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