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Q: The car has a very hard time with cold starts.

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When starting the car for the first time in the morning, it always has a really tough time getting going. The starter motor will rev rev rev really quickly for a few seconds before the engine will begin to stumble. It will stumble for a little while, with these little ignitions here and there but no full start of the engine. This only happens in the cold if after the car has been turned off overnight. Pressing on the accelerator while the starter is turning will remedy the problem somewhat.

I've replaced the battery already. I've also replaced the starter motor. I checked for vacuum leaks around the intake manifold and the vacuum lines. I've also checked fuel pressure, which came back normal. So far everything about the car seems normal. Thanks.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

First make sure that all scheduled maintenance, particularly critical items such as spark plugs, is up to date. The purpose of that is to rule out the obvious, easy to deal with and already necessary items. If that does not resolve it, you’ll want to check things like the idle air control valve, any air induction sensors or controls such as a mass airflow sensor and global engine sensors, such as the engine coolant temperature sensor which lets the PCM know that the air fuel ratio has to be adjusted for a cold start.
The fact that the problem is mitigated when you open the throttle would suggest a problem with the air metering when cold such as a stuck idle air control valve or other throttle body fault. To resolve this in an organized way, the recommended diagnostic is hard start inspection. At the conclusion of that, the certified mechanic would let you know of the faulty component or system and thence estimate the repair cost for you. If the problem is simply a stick IAC valve, sometimes that can be freed up, that is cleaned, without the need to replace the component.

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