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Q: the anti-theft chip came out of my key now my car wont crank

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my dad had just bolted in my battery and cleaned the red wire and retightened it. we took my car down the road and didnt have any issues. we pulled back into the yard and parked the car. the car was still running at this point. my key to the car has been busted open and we was wondering what the white thing in it was so while the car was still cranked and running we pulled the white piece out. the car made a funny noise instantly as soon as we took the white piece out. so we quickly put it back in. then we cut the car off. well we tried to recrank it and it wouldnt start. the lights would pop up but the motor wouldnt start. im not to car savvy so im not sure the technical terms to use. but i had a spare key and we tried using it but the car still wouldnt crank.
My car has an automatic transmission.

With your vehicle it is possible that there may be a fault in your security system which may have been triggered by removing the security chip. There may be a fault code stored in the computer of your Mercury Sable that may help identify what is causing the fault. I would ask for help from a certified mechanic to check the fault codes and diagnose the security system to see what is causing your car to not start and make any repairs.

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