Q: System not charging and everything bat alt tested out as Good

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Ok my 96 S10 blazer I only got it like 3 months ago and never had any problems with it other than the voltage has read a little low then every once in a while it would dive down into the red and then didn't want to really run .then I changed out the alt with one off another S10 . installed it and started it rite up bat light went off all was fine next morning went to work and the but light came on if I gave it alot gas or took off at a light fast it would go off so I changed it back it got worse and back again and got worse so I changed an in ling fuse link started checking wires and all . But knothing .but ok on the back of the alt there's what looks like two wires it one eyelet wire connect with a line fuse and then there is one brown wire that goes to a plug into the alt and then there's an extra wire I know does not go there it goes from pos bat to the back of the alt I took it off but then there's no power to anything put iback there's my power but does the same thing ant idea

My car has 210000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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