Q: Q: Starts then stalls.

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I had codes was IACand PCV i replaced both. New plugs gapped wires good New fuel filter and fuel pressure spit gas when valve pushed.Can hear buzz fuel pump turning key. Emerg. Shut off button ok . Fuses ok New Batterie New Oil Filter & Oil Air Filter Good Checked All Hoses and Replaced One hose to Mass Air Flow was cracked Cleaned Mass Air Flow with Denatured Alcohol Cleaned Throttle Body With Throttle Body Cleaner Not Maf. The can said Not to use on maf.There is a Plug i cant Identify on Passenger Side Engine i Taped up because wires had crispy covering with open copper wires showing heat sheil coating after tape ending has two wires one is yellow and green ? An One Black. Regular plug it sits down on the Side of manifold and disappears around the front of manifold wrapping around it to somewhere the other side is coming from wrapping behind the engine. Now still truck starts then stalls wait ten min.then starts. No pumping gas needed runs then fast idle slows and stalls

My car has 110000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.1999 ford explorer.

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