Q: stabiltrak light come on and engine reduced service also with it, started doing it since cold weather appeared

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what is the reason for the stabiltrak light and engine reduced will come on and it will do this sometimes when driving down the road. ? and what cost of something like this and what is needed to be done?

My car has 111241 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Stabilitrak is the traction and stability control system working together. The traction control system senses wheel speed by using sensors at all 4 wheels. If for example, you accelerate a little to hard on a slippery surface, the front wheels will spin while the rear wheels don’t move. The traction control system will apply braking to the front wheels and/or, reduce engine power to reduce the wheel spin. The stability control portion of the system can apply braking to an individual wheel if the system senses that the vehicle is out of control, such as sliding or spinning. These systems rely on numerous sensors and switches besides the 4 wheel speed sensors. Brake light switch, throttle position and steering angle sensors, as well as yaw sensors are just a few. If any of these sensors/switches are shorted or gone bad, the warning lights will come on. It can also be something as simple an an incorrectly sized or excessively worn tire that cause the issue.

With such a large number of components that can cause the traction control issues, it may be best to have a certified technician inspect the vehicle to find the exact cause.

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